Research Focus

1. Molecular Biophysics 

       Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations and Quantum Mechanical (QM) calculations are used in 
  studying the conformations of biologically important oligosaccharides and the binding specificity 
  of proteins towards specific sialylglycans. Insights in to the interactions of viral proteins with 
  the cell surface oligosaccharides are gained using Molecular Dynamics simulations. A recent study 
  on Influenza virus’ specificity towards Sialyldisaccharides revealed the details about Hemagglutinin 
  binding to the cell surface sialyldisaccharides. 

2. Bioinformatics

      Protein and genome sequences are analysed using in-house developed programs. 

3. Polymer Physics

      Natural polymers are analysed for their tensile strength and novel properties

4. Energy Physics